The Rules of Soccer: How Did They Come About?

The “Cambridge Rules”, written in England on 1848, were the first rules of soccer to be used for the game soccer. This set of rules of soccer was based on the proposed version of Elton College’s rules of soccer. Even before the Cambridge Rules became the governing laws of the game soccer, it was revised twice in the 1850’s. After the revisions, the rules were standardized at the 1863 meet of English Football Clubs by which the world’s first Football Association was founded. Continue reading

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History Of Soccer

Conceptually, a soccer game is very basic that naturally early soccer concepts from different civilizations would also evolve roughly at the same time.

While it is unquestionable that soccer in its modern form may have evolved in England, there had been accounts made by several countries that would show soccer as being invented by them. Continue reading

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Who invented Football

Football or soccer as referred to in America is the world’s most popular game. In the United States this isn’t the case, but by the numbers approximately 4% of the entire world (270 million people) actively plays football. Staggering numbers to say the least. With the recent success of the 2014 World Cup, it’s safe to say these numbers will continue to climb to astounding levels. Unlike other sports, football appeals to athletes of all income levels as it costs next to nothing to play. In fact, in third world countries, children routinely play competitive soccer using old disposable diapers and tape. Continue reading

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